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Flixton Golf Club


If you prefer to read my March Course VLOG rather than listen to my YouTube video, here’s the script:

Hi Rob here at Stripey Green TV and this week I took a walk down to Flixton golf club and it’s fair to say I got a bit of a surprise.

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Storm Christoph

As I said, this week I took a wander down to my local golf course Flixton Golf Club. In this video I’ll show you just how far the course has come on since the footage I took back in January after the unprecedented flooding caused by Storm Christoph … if you haven’t yet seen the Storm Christoph flood videos I’ll pop a quick link up the top there for you.

So when I arrived at the golf club it was clear to see there’s so much going on. It’s a hive of activity. Judging by the amount of changes I could see everyone has clearly been busy down there for quite some time. Firstly I have to mention the new signage. Thanks to Dave and his team at Stretford Studios. They’ve completely transformed all the external signage around the club over the winter. There’s a new main sign at the front of the clubhouse, all the information boards have been updated, and there’s tons of really clear signage that will give our visitors a fantastic first impression this year.

While the third UK lockdown has been pretty frustrating in terms of not being able to get out on the course and play golf, it has given the club a rare opportunity to work on improving the course without the interruption of us annoying divot makers.

New Drainage

Now there’s loads of things that have been going on, some of which you’ll have seen on social media such as the amazing new locker rooms … but I went down to film a March COURSE VLOG so let’s talk about that yeah the course now erm … there’s something pretty major going on there that I wasn’t aware of!

When I arrived this is what I was greeted with.

Flixton Golf Course March Course VLOG - Heavy Machinery
Flixton Golf Course Heavy Machinery

A bucket load of heavy plant machinery!

It turns out that arrived just in time to see the new drains on the fourth fairway being laid. Perfect timing to pop the drone up and get some footage.

Flixton Golf Course Drainage
Flixton Golf Course Drainage

Those drains will make a massive difference to the fourth hole. In recent times we’ve been battling a mud bath around the tee and also struggle with some standing water in the fairway.
So from the fourth I had a quick fly down the first second and third hole. I have to say it’s incredible to think that just nine weeks ago this course was almost completely underwater. It’s a real credit to the green staff and the huge team of members who volunteer their free time to support the club.

Droning on…

Warning. The following footage is the first flybys that I’ve ever done with my DJI Mavic Mini. I need to apologize in advance because they’re pretty terrible. Feel free to pop any hints or tips that you’ve got into the comments down below. I’ll definitely be having plenty more practice and flybys over the coming weeks. Hopefully by the time the course is in full bloom I should be fully skilled and be able to bring you a hole by hole guide so you can see exactly what each hole at Flixton Golf Course has to offer.

I’m going to shut up now and let you watch my flight down one, two, and three.

Things to look out for are; the new bunker at the front right of the first hole, (I’m thinking i should probably pop a bucket and spade in there because with my slappy fade I think I’ll be spending a fair bit of time in there this year) as well as that, lookout for all the work that’s been done at the back of the first green and around the second tee. The whole area has been cleared out and tidied up and it looks really well and completely different to before.

Roll on the summer

Other than that there’s been lots of tidying, some trees clipped or taken down and new ones planted. Yu can also see how the second green is getting on following the drainage work over the winter.

and that’s all from me this time. Hopefully I’ll bump into a few of you on the course over the coming weeks.

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Why not also checkout our Google Earth tour of Flixton Golf Course.

Bye for now!

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