Master Your Swing with the SuperSpeed Speed Trainer – A Comprehensive Review

SuperSpeed Speed Trainer Review

SuperSpeed Speed Trainer Set – Price when reviewed £199.99 / $279.99 | Check price on Amazon

In the world of golf, precision and power are paramount. Aspiring golfers constantly seek ways to enhance their game, striving for that perfect swing that propels the ball with speed and accuracy. The SuperSpeed Speed Trainer System has emerged as a frontrunner in this quest, offering innovative training systems designed to unlock maximum potential.

In this review, we delve into the SuperSpeed Golf Speed Sticks Training Set, a comprehensive set aimed at refining your swing mechanics and unlocking unparalleled speed on the course.

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SuperSpeed Swing Sticks Design and Components

The SuperSpeed Swing Training System arrives as a meticulously crafted set comprising three distinct clubs. Green, blue, and red sticks are each tailored to a specific aspect of swing development. Crafted from premium materials, these clubs boast a sleek and ergonomic design, ensuring optimal comfort and grip during practice sessions.

The varying weights of the sticks facilitate a progressive training regimen, allowing users to gradually build strength and speed over time. The men’s set that I tested is designed for golfers with a swing speed in excess of 85mph. Find out how to measure your swing speed HERE.


✅ 3 Separate Sticks

✅ Free online training plan

✅ Premium quality

✅ Available in different lengths


👎 Premium price

👎 Time commitment

SuperSpeed Speed Trainer Set – What’s in the Box

  • 1 x SuperSpeed Golf Green “Light” Training Club
  • 1 x SuperSpeed Golf Blue “Medium” Training Club
  • 1 x SuperSpeed Golf Red “Heavy” Training Club

We’ve also reviewed the Multipack which is the above sticks along with a PRGR Launch Monitor.

SuperSpeed Golf Performance and Training Regime

The hallmark of the SuperSpeed Golf Speed Trainers lies in its scientifically formulated training regime. Carefully curated to enhance swing speed and efficiency, Golfers are guided through a series of dynamic exercises and drills, designed to target key muscle groups involved in the golf swing. By incorporating overspeed training principles, wherein the clubs are swung faster than usual, the system effectively rewires muscle memory, resulting in increased clubhead speed and enhanced performance on the course. Here is an example of the SuperSpeed Level 1 Training:

Effectiveness and Results of SuperSpeed Speed Training

Having put the SuperSpeed Swing Training System through its paces, the results speak volumes. Speed training with Golf Speed Sticks such as this set from SuperSpeed Golf will undoubtedly help a golfer to increase their swing speed. That SHOULD transfer into additional distance on the golf course. I say should … simply because a golfer must also maintain the same swing to definitely increase their distance. If the quality of the swing is exactly the same, then the distance a golfer hits each shot WILL increase.

When I tried swing training I increased my swing speed by 25% over an 8 week period. I trained with the Relentless Speed Stick, but one of my golf partners had very similar result with these SuperSpeed training sticks too.

Usability and Accessibility

One of the standout features of the SuperSpeed Swing Training System is its user-friendly design. Whether practicing at home, on the driving range, or even during a quick session at the office, the compact and portable design ensures convenience and accessibility. The sticks have good quality grips that feel secure when swinging at maximum speed. Since the weights are fixed, there is no fear of one falling off due to being incorrectly attached.

The accompanying training plans provide clear instructions, making it easy for users to integrate the system into a golfer’s existing training routines.

SuperSpeed Stick Sizes

The SuperSpeed system is the market leader in terms on the number of different golfers that it suits. Unlike other “one size fits all” golf swing speed trainers SuperSpeed have several different versions to fit any golf swing.

SuperSpeed SetSwing Speed / Age / Swing Type
Mens Set> 85 mph
SuperSpeed CPlayers Ages 14 +
Senior Set< 85 mph
Ladies Set< 85 mph
Junior SetPlayers Ages 11 – 14
SuperSpeed C JuniorPlayers Ages 8 – 14
All-Star SetPlayers Ages 8 – 11
PeeWee SetPlayers Ages 5 – 7
LongDrive SetLong Drive Competitors

Value and Investment

While the SuperSpeed Swing Training System represents a significant investment, its value far outweighs the cost for serious golfers committed to elevating their game. Considering the substantial gains in swing speed and performance, the system proves to be a worthy investment in a golfer’s journey. Moreover, the durability and quality craftsmanship of the SuperSpeed clubs ensure longevity. This makes them a sound investment for long-term improvement and success on the course.

There are however cheaper golf speed training systems on the market. It’s worth reviewing our Best Golf Swing Speed Training Tools article to see which one may suit you best.

Manufacturer’s Stated Key Features

  • The 1 Swing Speed Training System In Golf – It’s Time To Start Hitting Longer Drives With Our Golf Swing Aid Expertly Designed To Help You Increase Your Clubhead Speed. Our Golf Training Aid Was Developed With Over 20 Years Of Experience In The Golf And Fitness Industries. Our Experience Working With Thousands Of Golfers Looking For More Swing Speed Can Be Found In Both The Smart Design Of Our Speed Training Sticks And The Hours Of Training That Come With Them
  • Used By More Than 700 Tour Pros – Superspeed Golf Is The Most Trusted Golf Swing Trainer For Increasing Your Club Head Speed. Sets Designed For Mens, Ladies, Seniors, Juniors And Long Drive Competitors
  • The Science Of Overspeed Training – The Superspeed Golf Training System Includes 3 Specifically Weighted Clubs And Over 2 Years Of Online Video Instruction. Two Clubs Are Lighter Than Your Driver To Get You Moving Fast, And The Third Club Is Slightly Heavier Than Your Driver To Train Moving A Heavier Club Faster. Following The Science Backed Principles Of Overspeed Training, Our Training Always Works From Light To Heavy To Push Your Nervous System To Increase Speed
  • Increase Your Club Head Speed By 5% In 6 Weeks – Based On The Data Of The Tens Of Thousands Of Users, We Can Say With Confidence That The Superspeed Golf Training Aid Will Help You Hit The Ball Further
  • Training only takes 10 minutes 3 x per week to see results

Everything has something wrong, right?

As you may know from reading our reviews before, it’s not all about the good stuff! Here’s the downsides to the SuperSpeed Swing Trainers.

  • PREMIUM PRICE : Exactly that. The product quality is fantastic. However, I personally can’t see where the added value is from cheaper training sticks such as the Relentless Golf Speed Stick (unless the standard size doesn’t suit your swing!).
  • TIME COMMITMENT : This isn’t really a gripe about the SuperSpeed product or brand. Llike anything in life if you want to see good results you will need to invest time. Gaining club head speed and distance will not happen overnight. It will take a regular dedicated training to increase speed. Then you’ll need a good “maintenance” schedule to retain the speed you have gained.
  • QUESTIONABLE TRAINING : The jury is out on this. I’m not convinced by some of the training SuperSpeed methods such as the “Happy Gilmore” style swing. When I tried these I felt like I could be prone to injury if I incorporated these swings. I’m also not convinced by the non-dominant training. Does this add value or potentially open golfers up to more injuries? Have you tried this? I’d love to know your thoughts, drop a comment at the end to let me know.

SuperSpeed Speed Trainer Summary

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

In conclusion, the SuperSpeed Speed Golf Training Set stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of golf swing speed training aids. Combining cutting-edge technology, with proven training methodologies, they offer a pathway to unlocking a golfer’s true potential on the course.

I would 100% recommend using a speed training system like this if you are looking to increase your swing speed. Yes, there are cheaper alternatives on the market suitable for most swings, but SuperSpeed Swing Trainers are available in such a huge range of sizes this gives them the edge over other speed sticks, if you don’t fit the “standard spec”.

Be careful when speed training. Try to ensure there’s a good mix of speed training and standard golf practice. This will help prevent any undesired swing changes as your speed increases.

Whether you’re a novice golfer striving for improvement or a seasoned pro seeking that competitive edge, the SuperSpeed Speed Trainer promises to revolutionise your game, one swing at a time. Embrace the journey, unleash your speed, and elevate your golfing experience with SuperSpeed.

Trying to improve your golf swing speed? You should also read our Best Golf Swing Speed Training Aids article.

Bye for now!


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