Why Enter Free Competitions?

You've got to be in it to win it!


Why Enter Free Competitions?

I’ve seen so many people on Twitter moaning about free competitions and how they’re a waste of time and nobody ever wins them. Well I want to completely smash that lie, and tell you that people do actually win, and thankfully I can prove it!

Now granted, I probably enter one of these competitions every day which makes my chances of winning a comp or giveaway become a lot better, but it only takes two minutes, and I usually only enter them by multi-tasking this and watching a series on TV in the evening. BTW we’re currently a couple of seasons into Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. I can highly recommend it! There’s so many real “laugh out loud” moments and memorable quotes … eewwww Daviiiid!

If I enter a competition, then I’ll typically share the entry to my story on Instagram. Feel free to follow StripeyGreenTV on there and copy my entries!

Most of the competitions I enter at the moment follow a similar format. I have to be following the person or company that posted it, also often the manufacturer of the prize, tag two-three other people in, and maybe also share to my Insta story for a bonus entry.

Find 3 Patient Friends!

Now for this last bit you have to find three friends that have exceedingly good patience to endure the constant competition tagging or maybe want to enter the competitions themselves. I am lucky to have found three such people, well two and a half … one can be a little moany about it. Ha, Hi @Steevo701! #thanks

The prizes really do range in type and value. I only enter competitions that I actually want to win the prize. By that I mean, either because I want the prize for myself, or as a present, or I could sell it and buy something I really do want with the proceeds!


The biggest prize I’ve won so far was an amazing Mavic Mini worth over £350, I know …stop droning on about it!

It was a competition run in the build up to last Christmas by BBC’s Dragons’ Den star Peter Jones on Twitter and Instagram in conjunction with DJI the manufacturers of this unbelievably good drone. Click here to view some footage I have taken from it.

Then on Sunday night, I had an Instagram notification to say I’d won a free golf lesson with the fabulous @gilesgillgolf . This is the perfect prize for me and my 2021 golf challenge. The lesson is through the Skillest app which I’ve never used before. I’ll write a follow up post about the lesson and Skillest in the near future.

Winning Free Competitions

Then lastly, less than twenty four hours after winning the golf lesson, my phone alerted me again to another win, this time a competition I’d entered at my local driving range Trafford Golf Centre.

Winning Trafford Golf Giveaway

If you want to learn a bit more about the “skill” of winning competitions which is basically just how you can improve the probability there’s a great article here on Di Coke’s Competition Blog. Di is incredibly good at winning things as you will see if you read any of her blog where she shows you exactly how she does it and what she’s won!

So in summary I urge you to enter these free competitions because there really is always a winner, and it just could be you!

I am conscious though if you don’t enter these comps then this increases my chances of winning … scrap everything I’ve just said and carry on not entering please! 😉

Bye for now!


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