The Best Golf Driving Net I’ve Ever Owned


I’ve just posted this new video about the best golf driving net I’ve ever owned on my YouTube channel.

In this video, I give you a quick review of the Quick Hit Golf Practice Net 10’ x 7’ by Quickplay Sport. I put up and take down this portable golf net down and hit my Ping G410 irons and Ping G410 Driver into it. I wanted to see how close to the QUICKPLAY Sport’s 90 second claim I could do this without instructions and for the very first time. This does come with instructions by the way … I just chose not to read them prior to putting it together the first time. This net is a large size giving confidence that I’ll not miss the net (hmmm), it feels good quality, it folds down quickly and easily into a handy bag and in my opinion, was good value for money.

► This is where I bought the Quick-Hit Golf Net From. It was £89.99 at the time

Since then I have found it cheaper directly on the QUICKPLAY website HERE.

QUICKPLAY Quick-Hit Golf Practice Net 10×7′ | 2 Minute Set-Up Golf Nets Now Available in 2 Sizes

Video commentary:

This is the golf driving net I’ve been using since the first UK lockdown back in March last year. For £35 it’s been a great buy, but the quality meant that I have had to use foam golf balls, and the target sheet at the back makes such a loud noise that I scared the neighbours half to death … and so after much research, I’ve finally ordered a new one.
Now the manufacturers’ Quickplay Sport claim that this net can be put up and taken down in just 90 seconds and that no instructions are needed.
Keen to see how true that is I’ve unpacked the box and put the contents into this handy carry bag … so here goes.
Now I’ve not read the instructions or practiced putting this golf net up so let’s see how quickly this can be done first time.

The prices seem to vary quite a lot online for this product so I’ll pop a link in the description below as to where I bought it from for under £90.

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One minute and 57 seconds. I don’t think that’s bad at all for a first attempt without any instructions.
Since filming this, and now that I know what I’m doing I’ve been able to regularly break that 90 second marker.
It’s also really easy to take this down and put it away. The bag is a perfect size and really handy. The bag does feel a little bit brittle though, I’m not sure how it’ll stand up to regular use … but we’ll see!

Safety first

This net also comes supplied with hooks to safely secure it to the ground … that might be worth doing!!

best golf driving net blowing over in the wind

Finally I just wanted to give you a quick early review on this product. It feels like a really good buy for under £90. The frame seems like good quality and reassuringly it comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is worth noting however, it’s recommended to disassemble your net after use and store it in a dry place or your warranty may no longer be valid.

The actual net feels good quality I think that I could happily hit a driver into it and the fact it isn’t tight presumably decreases the impact pressure and will increase its longevity. I feel really reassured that this golf net is going to stop the golf ball … that’s provided I actually hit it!!

So in summary this 10 foot by 7 foot Quick-Hit golf driving net from Quickplay Sport feels like a great buy. Obviously, time will tell, but for now it certainly seems like good value for money it’s strong easy to put up and down and really compact for storage.

Bye for now!


Small print

► Foam balls I used with the original net are:

► The ball retriever used in this video is

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