The Best Golf YouTube Video of All Time

The Best Golf YouTube Video of All Time

There are well over a 1000 different channels dedicated to golf on YouTube. Those channels have created more than half a million videos which makes choosing The Best Golf YouTube Video of All Time a tricky task!

Over the last few years I’ve spent 1000’s of hours watching the very best YouTube golf videos. I’ve also created my own, and appeared in other creators videos. For that reason, I think I am well placed to be able to judge the best YouTube Golf Video of All Time. I’d love to hear in the comments below what your favourite golfing YouTube video is.

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What makes a good YouTube Golf video?

In the vast landscape of YouTube golf videos, the secret to success lies in a harmonious blend of skill, personality, storytelling, and innovation. Beyond showcasing impressive shots and breathtaking courses, creators who understand the importance of authenticity, engagement, and continuous improvement are the ones who leave a lasting impact on the YouTube golfing community.

As the digital realm continues to evolve, the essence of a good YouTube golf video remains rooted in its ability to entertain, educate, and forge meaningful connections with the audience. My favourite YouTube golf video maybe isn’t educational, but it certainly is entertaining.

I remember the first time I watched the following video, it gave me goosebumps. Here is my selection for the best golf YouTube video of all time.

The secret is out. My choice for Best Golf YouTube Video of all time is this incredible hole-in-one from Matt Scharff of Good Good.

In the world of golf, achieving a hole-in-one is considered a rare and prestigious accomplishment. Golf enthusiasts and players alike cherish the moment when the ball effortlessly finds its way into the cup with a single stroke. It’s never happened for me … yet.

However, the bar was raised to unprecedented heights when the Good Good team achieved the seemingly impossible. A hole-in-one on a 290 yard, uphill par 4! This extraordinary feat has captured the attention of the golf community and beyond, showcasing the skill, precision, and sheer audacity of these super talented individuals.

The Good Good Team

The Good Good team are no strangers to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the golf course. Comprising a group of passionate and skilled golfers, the team is known for its entertaining content. Content that combines humour, camaraderie, and incredible golfing talent.

Famously, the Good Good team has changed and evolved over recent years. Sadly, some of the original members in this video are no longer creating content under the Good Good brand. In 2022 both Micah Morris and Grant Horvat left the team to follow their individual pursuits. Both golfers now focus on their own channels, Micah Morris Golf and Grant Horvat Golf. Good Good remains though, and is currently the second most popular Golf YouTube channel behind Rick Shiels.

The Good Good videos, which often feature unconventional challenges and impressive trick shots, have gained a substantial following on social media platforms. On this occasion the Good Good team were playing a 3 Vs 3 scramble match.

The Challenge

In their quest for unconventional golfing triumphs, the Good Good team set out to achieve the extraordinary. a hole-in-one on a par 4. I say they set out to do this, but I don’t actually think they believed it would happen that day. The purpose of the video was the 3 Vs 3 match, not to score a hole-in-one but then surely that’s the aim of every golfer, every time they tee the ball up on a “reachable” hole.

Traditionally, holes-in-one are associated with par 3s, where the distance is considerably shorter, making the feat more attainable. However, attempting this on a par 4 requires a combination of skill, strategy, and a touch of audacity.

The Perfect Shot

The video capturing this historic moment begins with the team analysing the hole, considering factors such as wind speed, layout, and potential hazards. Each member takes turns strategising and envisioning the perfect shot. As they step up to the tee, there is an air of anticipation and excitement, both from the players and the viewers.

Good Good, had several cameras around the hole at the time which is one of the things that makes this video so special.

The tension builds as the first player, Tom “Bubbie” Broders takes a swing. Bubbie sends the ball on to the back of the green. In itself, this is an unbelievably good shot. The second player Micah Morris then follows using a 3 wood. As the ball approaches the green, it’s all over the pin. The ball takes one bounce, then clatters the flag stick before finishing up around 15 feet away from the pin. Incredibly even better than Bubbie’s shot.

The Moment of Triumph

In a cinematic climax, the third player, Matt Scharff, confidently addresses the ball, takes a powerful swing with his three wood, and sends it soaring towards the flag. The ball lands on the green, takes a few bounces, and rolls effortlessly into the cup. A hole-in-one on a par 4. The team erupts in cheers, laughter, and disbelief as they celebrate the historic achievement. They ran the length of the hole to confirm the ball has reached it’s destination! I was genuinely gobsmacked watching this for the first time. It’s the stuff of dreams!

The best golf YouTube video of all time

Impact on the YouTube Golf Community

The Good Good team’s incredible accomplishment has had a profound impact on the YouTube golf community. I love the fact that aside from the hole-in-one there’s also Micah hitting the pin and Garrett calling the shot. Even Bubbie’s first shot was an incredible effort.

Beyond the sheer entertainment value, the video serves as inspiration for golfers worldwide, encouraging them to embrace creativity, take risks, and strive for excellence in their own game. The unconventional hole-in-one has sparked discussions and debates about the possibilities within the sport, pushing the boundaries of what golfers thought was achievable.

Is this the best Golf YouTube Video of All Time?

Obviously this is subjective and the above is MY choice for the best YouTube video of all time. With so many new videos being created each day, I’m sure it won’t be too long before this changes. Maybe there’s already a better one out there that I haven’t seen. If you have seen one that you think is a contender, please add it to the comments below. I’d love to see any video that could be even better!

Bye for now!


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