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Orange Whip Swing Trainer Review

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For golf enthusiasts looking to enhance their performance, the Orange Whip Trainer has become a widely embraced and effective tool for refining the art of the perfect swing. It has been voted as the number 1 golf teaching and training tool by PGA and LPGA professionals for a reason. It works!

Tailored to enhance rhythm, balance, and flexibility, this training aid has gained popularity across golfers of diverse skill levels. In this article, I’ll give you a comprehensive guide on how to effectively utilise the Orange Whip Trainer, unlocking its potential to elevate your golf swing.


Material: Graphite
Colour: Orange & Black
Weight: 1.36kg
Total Length: Approx. 119cm / 47″
Width: Approx. 5cm / 2″
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous

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✅ Allround golf swing trainer

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👎 There’s cheaper swing trainers on the market … albeit maybe not as effective!

How to Use the Orange Whip Swing Trainer

There are a lot of videos available HERE on the Orange Whip website that will show you how to use it best for your desired results. Here’s a brief summary of some of the different ways to use the Orange Whip.

Preparing for Your Session:

Select the right space, begin your training in an open area that allows sufficient room to swing the Orange Whip freely. Ensure the absence of obstacles to guarantee an unrestricted range of motion. You can use the trainer indoors if you have enough height to swing a conventional golf club.

Optimal Grip:

Approach the Orange Whip Trainer as you would a standard golf club. Maintain a secure yet relaxed grip that allows your wrists to hinge naturally during each swing.

The Fundamental Drill:

Tempo and Rhythm. Begin your practice with short, controlled swings to acquaint yourself with the rhythm of the Orange Whip. Concentrate on sustaining balance throughout the entire motion and finishing each swing facing the target.

Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer

Gradual Increase in Swing Length:

As you grow more comfortable, progressively extend the length of your swings. The design of the Orange Whip encourages a gradual acceleration and deceleration, fostering a natural and balanced tempo.

Feel the Lag:

Pay careful attention to the lag created by the flexible shaft. This element aids golfer to establish the vital connection between upper and lower body, refining synchronisation in the golf swing.

Advanced Orange Whip Swing Trainer Drills:

Flexibility and Strength. Integrate overhead swings to amplify flexibility and engage core muscles. This exercise emphasises a complete range of motion, pivotal for a forceful and controlled golf swing.

Weight Transfer Exercises:

Concentrate on weight transfer by smoothly shifting your weight from one foot to the other during swings. The weight transfer drill reinforces proper weight distribution which especially helps to prevent swaying or sliding during your actual golf swing.

Monitoring Progress:

Capture Your Swings on Film. Utilise a smartphone or camera to document your Orange Whip sessions. Reviewing the footage enables you to pinpoint areas for improvement and track your progress over time.

Consistent Practice:

Similar to honing any skill, mastering the golf swing demands unwavering and regular practice. Incorporate the Orange Whip Trainer into your routine, dedicating time each day/week to fine-tune your technique.

Everything has something wrong, right?

As you may know from reading our reviews before, it’s not all about the good stuff! Here’s the downsides to the Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer.

  • Cost : The Orange Whip can be relatively expensive compared to other golf training aids. While many users find it beneficial, the price may be a factor for budget-conscious golfers.
  • Weight and Length: Some users find the Orange Whip to be a bit heavy, making it challenging for individuals with certain physical conditions or strength limitations. The length of the trainer may also be an issue for those who are shorter or taller than average. BUT that can be solved as there are several different sizes available to suit most golfers, the issue is they aren’t adjustable and there isn’t a “one design fits all” available. If a golfer is buying this for personal use that won’t be an issue but in a shared training environment multiple sizes may need to be purchased.
  • Not a Quick Fix: Like any training aid, the Orange Whip requires consistent use and practice to see improvement. Some golfers may be looking for a quick fix to their swing issues and might be disappointed if they don’t see immediate results.
  • Not a Replacement for Professional Instruction: While the Orange Whip can help with muscle memory and tempo, it should not be seen as a substitute for professional golf instruction. Golfers with significant swing flaws or mechanical issues may need personalised guidance from a golf instructor.

Manufacturer’s Stated Key Features:

  • THE ORIGINAL #1-RATED GOLF TRAINING AID: Don’t settle for imitations. The Orange Whip has been voted the #1 teaching and training aid by golf professionals for a reason: it’s simply the best.
  • TRAIN YOUR ATHLETIC SWING & GET READY TO PLAY: The proprietary flexible shaft coordinates the rhythm between your arms, upper body, and lower body. Swing it back and through continuously to develop your own tempo and balanced swing for consistent shots on the golf course. Use it to warm up, get loose, and get ready to play or practice.
  • INSTANT FEEDBACK: Any wobbling feeling in your swing indicates a need to improve tempo, balance, and swing plane. Receive instant feedback with each swing!
  • PATENTED COUNTERBALANCED SWING SYSTEM: The Orange Whip trainer increases your flexibility and coordination and strengthens your golf muscles through its patented counterbalanced swing system that cannot be copied. There’s nothing else like it! The Orange Whip counterbalance provides the necessary feedback to train your swing to stay on plane, balanced, and powerful. Swing it next to the others, and you can feel the difference immediately.
  • MADE IN THE USA: The difference with Orange Whip is the quality you can feel. Handmade in the USA with American parts, this tool is made with premium quality. It features a patented counterbalanced and flexible shaft swing system. Our golf trainer is built to last and comes with a 2-year warranty!

Orange Whip Box Contents:

1 x Orange Whip Trainer

Watch PGA Professional and Inventor of the Orange Whip Training Products showing how to use the Orange Whip Trainer to improve your golf swing.

Orange Whip Swing Trainer Summary

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I have found this a very useful addition to my golf training equipment and would definitely recommend it if you are looking to improve your golf swing.

The Orange Whip Swing Trainer stands out as a versatile and potent ally for golfers aiming to perfect their swing mechanics. Integrating the suggested drills and tips into your training routine promises not just an improved golf swing, but also the cultivation of muscle memory and the development of a rhythmic, well-balanced tempo in the swing.

Whether you’re just starting your golfing journey, or are already an experienced player, this golf swing training holds the potential to significantly elevate your game. Grab your Orange Whip, make your way to the practice area, and embark on a journey to refine and fortify your golf skills for a more polished and powerful performance on the greens.

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Bye for now!


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