New Products Unveiled Including Game Changing Shot Scope PRO LX+

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Shot Scope has unveiled its latest range of magic golfing tools, and it includes what I think could be a GAME CHANGER: the Shot Scope PRO LX+.

Shot Scope PRO LX+ Rangefinder, GPS and Game Tracker all in one

This all-in-one piece of golfing wizardry is one of three new products being launched this spring by Edinburgh based international manufacturer Shot Scope Technologies. The other two products are the PRO LX and the H4 Handheld.

When can I buy a Shot Scope PRO LX+?

All three products are available to pre-order through the manufacturer’s website for 31st March delivery.

What’s so special about the Shot Scope PRO LX+?

The PRO LX+ is the first rangefinder of its kind to enter the market. It is a fast-firing laser, optimised for stability and accuracy. This rangefinder also features a GPS, which is loaded with 36,000 different golf courses and built-in performance tracking–perfect for golfers who want it all! You can see a preview of the features in their video below:

Shot Scope PRO LX+ Laser Rangefinder – New for 2022

“Shot Scope is thrilled to unveil this game-changing device to the golf industry, as we introduce GPS distance and performance tracking technology to laser rangefinder users for the first time ever.”

“For rangefinder users, Shot Scope now offers real-time game tracking data like never before, which is currently used by tens of thousands of golfers worldwide recording over 160 million shots. In fact, our data shows that amateur golfers improve by four strokes thanks to the unique fusion of accurate distance information and automatic performance tracking technology from Shot Scope devices.”

David Hunter, CEO of Shot Scope

Who wouldn’t want to lose four shots from their handicap?!

The PRO LX+ is a 3 in 1 combination of the Shot Scope Pro LX rangefinder with GPS powered distances and performance tracking. If you prefer, you’ll be able to buy the PRO LX laser rangefinder or the H4 Handheld Game Tracker separately.

Shot Scope H4 attachments

H4 Handheld Game Tracker

The H4 Tracker is great for those that don’t like wearing a watch. At £149.99, it’s also £30 cheaper than the award winning V3 watch. It attaches in three different ways:

  • Strong clip that slides onto your belt
  • Handy carabiner to hook onto your bag
  • Powerful magnet to attach to metal such as a Golf buggy

If you decide later on that you want the benefits of the PRO LX+, then you could retro purchase the PRO LX and then attach your H4 to the front using the magnet.

Similar to the Shot Scope V3 Watch, when combined with tracking tags the H4 offers you comprehensive insight and analysis of your game.

If you like data and analysis, Shot Scope have some fantastic FREE e-books that you can download. There are four different books that you can download:

  • How to use data to improve
  • Top 10 strategy mistakes
  • The Ultimate golfer’s guide
  • Strokes Gained


This new range is an exciting looking additional line-up from Shot Scope. I’m currently using a PeakPulse Rangefinder and Arccos but love the thought of being able to combine everything into one. Unlike Arccos, Shot Scope currently offer their products without a subscription fee, which is an attractive proposition.

What do you think of these new products? Comment below and let me know. Want to read more about these products or place a pre-order? Visit the Shot Scope website for more details.

So that’s my really quick whistle-stop update of the new Shot Scope products for now. Keep an eye out for further information prior to their launch at the end of March when I can hopefully get hold of these products and give you a more detailed review.

Bye for now!


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