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Hi all. Here’s a quick video update in advance of the 36 hole Flixton Golf Club Club Trophy which I’m playing in tomorrow. I’m delighted to have qualified this year after failing to do so in my first full year at the club in 2020 (post continues below video). The video was originally posted in my Instagram Story so the link boxes won’t work, but feel free to pop comments below this blog article instead!

Who’s Qualified for the Club Trophy?

The qualifiers for tomorrow’s competition are the 45 top players in the “Woodhouse Trophy” at the cut off a couple of weeks ago. The Woodhouse Trophy is presented to the player with the lowest the combined “total” at the end of the season. The “total” is the golfer’s best six nett scores from qualifying comps. The qualifying comps are all the major comps and most of the other handicap-counting medal competitions we’ve played this year.

At the point of qualification for this weekend’s Club Trophy, I was in second place in the Woodhouse standings, one shot behind Eddie Wrigley with a total of 415. This score was made up of 3 nett 68s, 2 70s, and a level par 71.

Current standings:

  1. Eddie Wrigley 414
  2. Rob Davies 415
  3. Calum Fortune 417
  4. Steve Berry 418
  5. Robert Pimlott 422
  6. Tony Diver 422
  7. Tony Ranicar 422
  8. Nathan Stringer 423
  9. Nick Douglas 424
  10. Sean O’Shea 424
  11. Chris Meikleham 425
  12. Geoff Higginbottom 425
  13. Paul Mann 425
  14. Chris Mulhearn 426
  15. Bradley Shackleton 427
  16. John Dowd 427
  17. Jonathan Trow 427
  18. Robert Barlow 427
  19. Joseph Adamson 428
  20. Oliver Ranicar 431
  21. Phil Dearden 431
  22. David Lomax 432
  23. Keith Wellings 432
  24. Richard Ainsworth 432
  25. William Macdonald 432
  26. Barrie Crolla 433
  27. Anthony Corrigan 434
  28. Gavin McCarthy 434
  29. Nicholas Webster 434
  30. Bill Phillipson 435
  31. Gary Crier 435
  32. Liam Pennington 435
  33. Mike Boswell 435
  34. Steven Winkley 435
  35. Christopher Law 436
  36. Rory O’Donnell 436
  37. Andrew Barnes 437
  38. Paul Carr 437
  39. Carl Tetlow 438
  40. John Sherard 438
  41. Keith Bennett 438
  42. Stephen Martin 438
  43. Craig Jones 439
  44. Neil Gardom 439
  45. ADAM MURPHY 440
  46. Lee Merrick 440
  47. Neal Donlan 440
  48. Michael Fetherston 440
  49. Ron Jolley 440
  50. Stephen Aitken 440

It’s a really good field full of players who have been on form throughout the season, so whoever wins it will thoroughly deserve the prize.

Woodhouse Trophy

The Woodhouse trophy is presented at the end of the season. I managed to nudge out my highest score of 71 last week with a nett 70, which brings me level now with Eddie on 414 with a few more rounds left. More importantly for me, it now means that I’ve had six “red rounds” for the year in Saturday competitions. A “red round” is basically a round under my par once my handicap is taken off. In 2020, I didn’t have a Saturday score of 71 or under at all, so to have now done it 7 times this year is a real reward for the hard work I’ve put in this season.

These scores have come while my handicap has continued to drop, too; for example, last weekend’s nett 70 would have been a nett 63 with the handicap that I was receiving at the start of the season. My target this year was to drop my handicap to single figures. While I’m pretty sure I won’t hit that goal, I am super happy to have lost 6.4 shots already, and although I haven’t won anything I’ve had a number of top three finishes.

That’s all from me today. Wish me luck for tomorrow.  Just hoping that the rain stays off! Rain in Manchester . . . who’d have guessed that?!

Bye for now!



I can’t go without mentioning Cristiano Ronaldo. As you will know, Manchester United is very close to my heart, and tomorrow sees the return of this inspirational footballing icon to Manchester. It’s great to see players of this calibre playing in the Premier League (possibly one of the top three footballers ever?). I’ll be catching the highlights of the game against Newcastle at Old Trafford on Match of the day on Saturday night. Score predictions? I’m going for 3-0 to United with Ronny to get at least one.

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