Swish Portable Golf Ball Cleaner – Review

Swish Portable Golf Ball Cleaner


Swish Portable Golf Ball Cleaner – Price when reviewed £34.95 / $44.44 | Check price on Amazon

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✅ Swish really works!

✅ Supplied in a neat box full of accessories

✅ Unique design

✅ Makes a fantastic gift


👎 Cost – There’s cheaper ways of keeping your golf ball pristine

Over the last month when it hasn’t been raining I’ve had the delight of thoroughly testing out the Swish Portable Golf Ball Cleaner. Full transparency, the team at Swish Golf sent me this to test, but I have no allegiances, and as you may know from previous reviews, just because something is gifted it doesn’t automatically give it a good review!

The first thing to note is the packaging. Swish have done a great job making the packaging practical in terms of it keeping the product damage free, but also making it attractive! The vivid green box really pops which straight away means it could be a fantastic gift. It certainly looks like a premium product.

Swish Golf Ball Cleaner Boxed

As an avid winter golfer, I was keen to test this product in the middle of winter to see if it stands up to my local weather conditions. If you’ve ever been to Manchester then you’ll know it is synonymous with RAIN so there is no better place in the world to test Swish! ☔️

Excited to see how it would impact my performance, I took the cleaner out on the course for a thorough test, and the results were nothing short of impressive.

Ironically in hindsight, maybe spring/summer is a better time to test this. The golf courses in England are that wet in the middle of winter that a towel will often be enough. That said, the silicon pads within this product are so much more efficient than using a towel. Towels don’t tend to get stubborn dirt and grime off easily whereas Swish really did!

Swish Golf Ball Cleaner Shown on my Carry Bag

Box Contents:

1 x Swish golf ball cleaner
2 x Specially formulated high density cleaning inserts
1 x Lanyard with nylon braided wire cord and 8 variable length settings
1 x Folded premium towel with carabiner attachment


  • Weight: 160g
  • Size 10cm x 10cm

How to use the Swish Golf Ball Washer

Before using this product a golfer should wet the sponge inserts. I’ve found it’s best to pull the unit apart, remove the inserts and give them a quick soak in the sink but you could just pour a little bit of water on them. That’s it! Now simply connect to the golf bag and Swish is ready to use. To use it follow these steps:

  • Open swish unit by pulling it apart
  • Insert dirty golf ball
  • Close the Swish unit and clean the ball by rotating your hands in opposite directions back and forth.
  • Open the Swish unit, remove the clean golf ball and rub dry with the Swish towel.

Done … you should now have a clean golf ball! 🧼⛳️😀

Manufacturer’s Stated Key Features:

  • Convenience: Easily carry Swish in your golf bag for on-the-go use, avoiding the hassle of finding a fixed cleaning station.
  • Efficiency: Swish provides quick and effective cleaning, saving you time on the course compared to methods like spitting or searching for water.
  • Hygienic: Eliminate the need for spit or unsanitary towels. Swish ensures a clean and germ-free golf ball, promoting a healthier and more enjoyable game.
  • Consistent Performance: Achieve consistent ball performance with Swish, optimizing spin and accuracy with every shot.

Everything has something wrong, right?

As you will know from reading our reviews before, it’s not all about the good stuff! Here’s the downsides to the Swish Ball Cleaner:

  • Wear & Tear: It certainly hasn’t happened for me as yet but I imagine in time the pads will wear out and need replacing. I suspect though that these pads are hard wearing … I’ll let you know once it’s been used a little more! Currently Swish don’t offer a “replacement pad” pack on their website but I’m reliably informed they’ll be coming soon!
  • Cost: This is NOT expensive for what is in the box … it is however expensive compared to the cost of a towel or using the free ball washers found on most courses.
  • Shipping: Currently Swish only seem to offer UK & Europe shipping, hopefully USA 🇺🇸 and the rest of the globe 🌍 will be available soon.
  • More in/on the bag: Don’t get me wrong, the Swish cleaner isn’t big and it only weighs 160g, but since the towel is still needed to clean your golf clubs then the Swish becomes an additional item to carry. If a golfer is using a trolley or buggy/cart then this will not be an issue. The issue may come if a golfer is carrying clubs and don’t want this dangling from the bag. Personally, for me the pro’s outweigh the cons of not having it on the bag.

How Can I save Money on Swish Golf Products?

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Swish Golf Ball Cleaner Summary

For golf enthusiasts looking to elevate their game and extend the longevity of their golf balls, the Swish Goll Ball Cleaner is undoubtedly a valuable addition to their arsenal. This innovative gadget has earned its place in my golf bag, ensuring that my golf balls stay in top condition for many rounds to come.

Granted, a golf ball cleaner may not seem the most exciting of products, but if like me you are fastidious about your golf ball being spotless, then this is 100% a golfing gadget for you. I love this, and I love the fact that the Swish team have also made sure that by including the towel and lanyard, this is a complete golf ball cleaning solution.

When I received this product I naively didn’t know I needed it. Now, I’m not sure I ever want to be without it! If your golf course has fantastic ball cleaners positioned in exactly the right place then this might not be the gadget for you … but if your club is like 99% on the course I’ve ever played then this might be the perfect addition to your bag.

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Bye for now!


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